Tennyson Place Rules and Regulations Updates

Dear Tennyson Place Homeowners,

The annual Tennyson Place Homeowners meeting was held on November 29, 2012. The proposed Rules and Regulations changes were discussed and approved during that meeting.

The Rules and Regulations document linked on this site has been updated to reflect the approved changes.

For your convenience, here are the changes:

Effective March 01, 2013 (CCR: Article X, Section 3(a))
Section 2.19 #4 now states:

“Boats, campers, trailers, all-terrain vehicles, unregistered vehicles or unregistered motorcycles, moving trucks, and other recreational vehicles (RVs) may not be parked in driveways or on the street, or permanently stored in a manner that they are visible from the street. Parking such vehicles in driveways or on the street is accepted for up to five (5) consecutive days, or whatever is the duration of time specified in the City of Raleigh’s ordinances, in order to support maintenance or trip preparation/completion activities.”

Section 2.19 #5 is now what previously was #4 (and remains unaltered):

“If the owner fails to bring the property up to standards, the Association may have the work performed and will bill the expense to the property owner.”